Paul Hartel

Artist Bio

Hartel, from New York, spent his early years in Buffalo, Jackson Heights, Manhattan and the Bronx, and has also lived and worked in Ithaca, NY, New Jersey, Waterford Ireland, Saint Martin, Washington DC, West Virginia, and currently in Sligo, Ireland. He received masters degrees in psychology and medical science followed by a doctor of medicine, and currently practices as physician in pathology sub-specialty. Hartel has always been interested in fine arts and has enjoyed membership in numerous ensembles of many musical genres nationally and internationally, and has performed as drum set, marimba, tympani and concert snare drum soloist. Hartel has accepted several awards as percussionist while in New York, including Most Outstanding Musician Award, John Philip Sousa Award, seven consecutive blue-medal awards for solo auditions with the New York State School Music Association, and scholarship to Cleveland Conservatory of Music.

With informal training, Hartel paints and draws with mixed media including oils, acrylics, oil pastels and charcoal, mostly in Figurative, Abstract- and Neo-expressionist styles, with influences including DeKooning, Pollock, Twombly, Clemente, Kline, Miro, Frankenthaler, Mitchel, Wool, Gorky and Graham. Hartel has exhibited in art galleries and international art fairs in New York City, Los Angeles, Appalachian West Virginia, Waterford and Dublin with works currently in residence at Green Gallery, Stephen’s Green, Dublin. He is recently represented by Amsterdam Whitney International Fine Art Gallery in Chelsea, New York City. His work has been sold and auctioned for private collectors and charitable organisations. Hartel has been featured in many art book publications, cover art, magazines, and online galleries and social media. His work also includes some abstract photography.

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